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Senior Sessions and why they are my favorite to shoot



Close your eyes for a moment and think about senior portraits.  Seriously, close your eyes and see what comes to mind.  What do you see?  Maybe you're imagining a formal photo of a young man in a suit in front of a wrinkly backdrop.  Maybe you see a photo of a young woman with a giant white number indicating her graduating class beside her.  Perhaps you see an outdoor "Pinterest" pose that has been used by about 164,827 photographers before.  If you see any of those things, I assure you, you're not using enough imagination.  


The reason I absolutely love senior portrait sessions is because I really get to help show the personality and individuality of each student!  How could I limit that to something I've seen on Pinterest or anywhere else for that matter?  Senior sessions should be fun, unique, and extremely personalized!  Every single senior I work with is different.  They all have their own personalities, hobbies, passions, and goals.  Why not create gorgeous images that reflect that?


If you're a senior or a parent and you don't want the typical senior portraits, lets grab a coffee and talk about exactly what you want to accomplish.  I'd be thrilled to help you make important choices like wardrobe, location, etc.  It's also great to get to know people before you go shoving a camera in their face.  My senior sessions are fun and light.  You aren't expected to suddenly be a professional model.  However, it's my job to make you look like you are.  Let's see what we can create!